SAY Trade

Who are we?

Our team consists of experienced traders who have witnessed the inner workings of Financial Intermediaries (Brokers). We know what really happens behind the scenes, and we are well-trained experts in the forex field. We’ve spent countless nights in developing and testing trading strategies, analysing charts, and keeping track of economic data from all over the world.

We’re passionate about what we do, and our dedication shows in our results. Even after leaving the brokers, we were working for, we wanted to continue assisting our clients with valuable insights and support.

Our unique education method is based on the personal approach and relationship with each client. Everything is tailored according to the level of knowledge, experience, capabilities and goals of the individual.

That’s how SAY Trade came to be – a trustworthy source of information.

The full scope of forex trading

How did we develop our services?

Our custom-made methods incorporate years of experience in trading strategies and analysis that have personally been tested on real trading accounts. With the unique opportunity to work for numerous brokers in the past 14 years as well as trading our own accounts, we are able to provide deep insights of currency trading that are not available anywhere else.

What sets us apart from the rest is the use of understandable language without complicated jargon and precise strategies with specific parameters. We provide details on where and why to enter a trade, where and why to place a Stop Loss and where and why to place your Take Profit, giving our clients the best possible chance of success.

Why our services?

Individual form of training
SAY Trade courses are conducted through individual training in order to ensure personalized attention and optimum results.

Flexible schedule
Our approach is flexible, allowing our clients to choose the most suitable time for their classes as we value your time.

Personal online mentoring
To maximize the effectiveness of our courses, we have included a mentoring service. This personalized module consists of online, one-on-one meetings in real-time. During these meetings, you can ask questions, discuss specific trading opportunities, and execute trades directly on the trading platform. Combining this hands-on training with our practical course materials lays the foundation for successful knowledge application in the future. Proving our commitment to your success, our communication doesn’t end with the course. You can always reach us for assistance whenever you need it.

Why we do what we do?

It is evident from the questions we receive each day that there are people who venture into the financial markets without prior knowledge of trading or understanding of how the markets operate or how the brokers operate. We are determined to assist individuals in enhancing their trading skills and broaden their opportunities to generate significant income.

The training methods guide you through the trading process, highlighting potential risks, to formulate a clear trading strategy that suits your individual style in achieving personal goals.
By following specific trading models, you can target to become a successful trader with our help.

We have condensed our years of experience into coherent courses, which will save you time, money, and prevent anxiety in your day-to-day trading.

Say Trade 22 Team

What do we support?

SAY Trade was founded with the primary objective of enhancing the financial culture of individuals worldwide and educating them on how to identify deceitful marketing schemes. In addition, we are committed to improving people’s understanding of the complexities of the financial markets. This is essential for better management of investments and personal finances, through informed decision-making.

What do we oppose?

SAY Trade is taking a stance against the false representation of Forex trading by certain financial intermediaries and unethical account managers. We understand that there is a fake notion of easy profits surrounding Forex trading, resulting in people losing their money and unfairly blaming the markets.
Ethical principles would never allow us to mislead a customer with a promise of rapid profits, nor would we encourage any misleading practices and activities.

What is the difference between us and a broker?

Unlike brokers, we do not offer direct access to financial markets. The trainings provided by brokers are basic and mainly aimed at encouraging clients to deposit more funds with them.
On the contrary, we are dedicated to provide transparent and honest information about trading, including a comprehensive list of tools needed before you can start trading with any broker.

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