Who are we?

Our team consists of experienced professionals who have worked for many global financial intermediaries. Our know-how is a combination of 9 years of in-house training from brokers and 11 years of real trading in the forex and crypto markets.

This is how Say Trade came about –
A reliable source of information.

Thus appeared
SAY Trade

A reliable source of information.

Why our services?

Individual form of training

SAY Trade courses are delivered through one-on-one coaching to ensure personalized attention and optimal results.

Personal online assistance

To maximise the effectiveness of our courses, we have included a personal assistance service. This customized module consists of online one-on-one meetings in real time.

Flexible schedule

Our approach is flexible, allowing you to choose the best time for your sessions. We are here to meet your needs and provide you with the best service.

Why do we do it?

From the questions we get every day, it is clear that there are people who venture into the financial markets with no prior trading knowledge or understanding of how the markets work or how brokers work.

We are committed to helping people improve their sales skills and expand their opportunities to generate additional revenue.

Training methods guide you through the trading process, highlighting potential risks to formulate a clear strategy that suits your individual style in achieving your personal goals.

With our help and by following specific trading patterns, you will learn to control the processes yourself and become a successful trader.

We've compiled our years of experience into consistent courses that will save you time, money and prevent any anxiety in your day-to-day trading.

What do we support?

SAY Trade was founded with the main goal to enrich the financial culture of people in Bulgaria and to train them how to recognize fraudulent marketing schemes related to Forex and Crypto trading.

In addition, we are committed to improving understanding of the complexities of financial and crypto markets. This is essential to better manage investments and personal finances, with the ultimate goal of empowering our clients to make informed decisions for themselves.

What do we oppose?

SAY Trade takes a stand against the false representation of Forex trading by certain financial intermediaries and unethical practices by competitors promising or even guaranteeing quick profits.

We understand that there is a false notion of easy profits surrounding Forex and Crypto trading, which leads to people losing money and unfairly blaming the markets themselves.

Moral and ethical principles would never allow us to mislead a client with the promise of quick profits, nor would we encourage misleading practices and activities.

What is the difference between us and the brokers?

Unlike brokers, we do not offer direct access to the financial markets. The trainings conducted by the brokers are basic and mainly aim to encourage clients to deposit more funds with them.

On the contrary, we are dedicated to providing transparent and honest trading information, including a comprehensive list of tools and knowledge needed before you can start trading with a real garbage and broker.

Our certificates

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