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Why choose us?

Why Us

Who are we?

Our team consists of experienced traders who have witnessed the inner workings of numerous Financial Intermediaries (Brokers). Our know-how is a combination of 9 years in-house broker training and 12 years real-life forex trading. Yes! - we are one of the few who know what really happens behind the scenes.

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Why do we do what we do?

We believe that forex traders deserve to trade with a proper toolset in an uncompromised trading environment. Our sole mission is to enlighten everyone who is interested in avoiding the common forex scams and reach consistent trading results.

Why Say Trade 22

Why our services?

Individual training form - SAY Trade courses are conducted through individual training in order to ensure personalized attention and optimum results.

Flexible schedule - We value your time. Therefore, our approach is flexible, allowing our clients to choose the most suitable time for their classes.

Personal online mentoring - One-on-one meetings in real-time, worldwide. Interactive environment. Live Q&A.

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How did we develop our services?

After leaving the brokers we worked for, we wanted to continue assisting our clients with valuable insights, support and information. The company was founded with the primary objective to enhance the financial culture of individuals worldwide and educate them on how to identify deceitful marketing schemes and trade in the markets with proper risk management. That's how SAY Trade came to be - a trustworthy source of trading education.

What do we oppose?

SAY Trade is taking a stance against the false representation of Forex trading by certain financial intermediaries and unethical account managers. Our principles would never allow us to mislead a customer with a promise of rapid profits, nor would we encourage any misleading practices and activities.

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What our clients say?

Kenis Maxwell
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These guys are legit, I can tell by their willingly support they give to clients they are always there to support you anytime you need help.
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I joined February and I’ve been trading coming up for 2 months now! I started with a $700 balance and it’s now $2011. The service and quality of signals is superb/detailed and mostly accurate! Orlin is fantastic in offering me help/advice and most importantly make money! Top service, great people 5/5!
Omar Islam
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You work effortlessly to make sure that I get the sufficient information and for that I thank you.
Aditya Kapoor
Read More
I have received very focused trade ideas including entry and exit levels which have proven to yield over 80% success. What's best is I get support when I need it and the entire team are very helpful and caring. Great service worth the money.
Mohd Ali
Read More
I must acknowledge the team of Say Trade possess some of the sharpest minds in the market who provide excellent opportunities on regular basis with a more than 90% success rate. Outstanding customer care and appreciation, highly recommended.
Mia Nyambok
Read More
Thank you for caring about me and teaching me how to start trading and how to achieve my goals through trading.
Victor Kangwa
Read More
Very helpful for beginner traders also user friendly. As a beginner trader I've had a great experience with services provided and this has helped me to grow as a trader. personally I have picked up a lot from this and I'm very thankful.
Johan Dube
Read More
The journey has been an exciting one, thanks to the assistance of George and Gabby, they have both ensured the guidance provided are next level. I am happy to be a part of the Say Trade family and I look forward to a great partnership for years to come.
Ahmed Sheikh
Read More
Your one-on-one is amazing I really appreciate it and you pay attention to your clients keep up the good work.


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Free telegram tips

Get more than just signals – you will receive trading setups with entry points, SL, TP, and exit points strategies. Events notifications, daily market insights and much more awaits you!

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Explore our services and take advantage of a completely new trading model. Join and enjoy!

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27+ years of experience

We have a solid experience with variety of FX brokers, established professionalism, patience, and client-first attitude.

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Detailed daily market summary confirmed by a Senior Research Analyst with 19 years of technical and fundamental background.

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Becoming a subscriber in our community you will communicate live with our team of experts and receive exclusive trading content.

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